By Don Mankin

Published: 1989
Article: Micro Cornucopia #50 November-December 1989

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MINIHOST was written with simplicity in mind. It is simple to use, and easy to setup. It only requires 192K of memory, and is small enough to be run from a floppy disk. User entries are added and deleted using your favorite text editor. The message base is a text file system, and messages must be maintained using your editor as well. Any number of callers may call MINIHOST, but only 500 can be 'remembered' by the system. This program allows a remote user to change directories, and download any program not named as a protected file within its configuration file. This program was written so one can call his home system from work, and download those programs left at home. It can be configured as a ring back system, thus allowing you to use it on your only phone.