By Don Mankin

Published: 1990

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MEGAHOST is a serious, full featured multi-user BBS designed for ease of use. Features include B-Tree indexed Message and Caller databases with a capacity of over 2 billion records each, ring back for voice lines and built-in callback for additional security, file transfers (ASCII, Xmodem, Ymodem, and Zmodem included - many other protocols are already configured and only need the driver to be activated), ANSI, RIP, NAPLPS, BIG, and CONDOR graphics support, dynamically built menus based on security levels -or- custom menus created with an ANSI screen designer, configurable main menu access to multiple door programs, bulletins, chat mode, questionnaire, doors, multiple user security levels and password protection for file areas. Support for front end mailers and echo / net mail doors. Interrupt driven send and receive buffers, NS16550A UART FIFO utilization, directly supporting 16.8 kbps modems. Database sharing support under Desqview, MS Windows, Novell, Banyon Vines, or any SHARE compatible network. Very easy configuration by a supplied ASCII text file that is quickly modified. You can have the program on-line in about 1/2 hour in most cases. The documentation walks you through the each option step by step. Advanced SysOp utilities are available. Free technical support is provided by the author.