By Don Mankin

Published: 1990
Predecessor: MINIHOST, Descendant: MEGAHOST

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This program builds on the small BBS system Minihost. No new features could be added to MINIHOST due to being up against the dreaded 64K code, 64K data, and 64K stack limitations of Turbo Pascal 3.0 (TP3). We have now been successful (we hope) at upgrading to Turbo Pascal 5.0 (TP5), becoming MAXIHOST. What this means to you is that, while MINIHOST development has ceased, MAXIHOST development will continue, and get more robust as we go along. MINIHOST will still meet the needs of those with small systems. Using TP5 allows the use of EMS for faster loading of overlays. While, MAXIHOST will, in time, occupy more space on your hard disk as it gets bigger, it should not use any more internal memory unless EMS is utilized. The EMS driver will require a 64K buffer into main memory.

MaxiHost has the following enhancements over MiniHost:

* Interrupt driven send and receive buffers
* Improved Message System database
* Message System printing
* Support for 9600 and 19200 bps modems
* Support for Multi-taskers
* Event Scheduling
* Questionnaire facility
* Operator Chat hours
* Trap DOOR menuing system
* Menu driven DIRECTORY changes
* Supports up to fifteen external file transfer protocols
* Releases all but 25k of memory when in a door or in a DOS shell
* Program description updates in any directory
* Data files may be in a separate directory
Twenty five character CONFERENCE descriptions
* ANSI graphics new user, help, and goodbye screens